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Louis Zatzman

LSAT Tutor

Flexible. Effective. Fun.

Learn the method behind every successful LSAT score.. 


I'm Louis Zatzman. I scored a 170 on my LSAT, and I've been teaching at various levels for the majority of my life. I form real bonds with students and care about your well-being and success. Furthermore, I have countless hours of experience with the LSATs, and there's no question that I can't explain in a way you understand! I'm a dedicated teacher, and I put in the time outside of our lessons to make sure you're best positioned to succeed. Whether you need a few quick prep lessons before you write or you need full-time training, I would love to help.

I'm currently in the process of writing an LSAT book, and doing so has allowed me to codify my method and thus understand it more deeply. After finding how best to learn my method and adapt it to your learning style, there is no question you could see that you won't know how to solve. 

Beyond my experience tutoring the LSAT, I've tutored at the elementary and high school level, taught English in Korea, and also taught at the university level at Mount Allison University and Queen's University. I have a Master's in History from Queen's. I love teaching.

My lessons are personalized to fit the way you learn. I only have a small handful of students at most at any one time, so I have the time and energy to be responsive to and focused on each student. I teach differently from big companies; we'll work together to build a consistent, time-saving structure that works for you rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. We'll find the best approach for your learning style. I will provide all the materials necessary for preparing for the LSATs, and after an introductory lesson to gauge your approach, strengths, and weaknesses, we'll come up with a customized improvement plan together. The idea is for us to work together to build a structured, repetitive method for each of the three sections, which saves time and helps you know when you've found the correct answer. Improvement in my system is almost always a steady progression forward; you can see yourself improving as we progress forward.

About Me

How It Works

How It Works

My Approach

Tutoring Options

Learning to score highly on the LSATs is all about the details in between reading the question and choosing the answer. I work in great depth with you molding how you think about the questions. The goal is a structured, repeatable method combined with deep understanding of structural relationships. Your tutoring will be fun and personalized!

I start by having you solve a few appraisal questions while speaking your thought process out loud. From there, we build a study plan together that adds repeatable method, structural understanding, and addresses your weaknesses to build a foundation for you to find answers quickly and accurately.

I provide all the materials necessary for studying and homework between lessons; just bring a pen and paper! 

One on One Lessons

Online or in-person. A tutoring session totally customized to meet your individual needs.

Rate: $155/hr

10-Session Package

Book 10 sessions upfront and receive a $200 discount.

Rate: $1350/10 Sessions

Group Lessons
Join a group lesson for a discounted rate of $950/10 hrs. Group lessons begin every few months and have limited availabilities. You can learn more here. Ask if one is coming up soon!
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