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All you need to know before you schedule a lesson

  • What are your rates and session lengths?
    Sessions are $155 per hour -- with discounts available through booking a package or group lessons. Though I suggest individual sessions of at least an hour, I am flexible about session lengths to fit your needs and schedule. We can determine the correct length for your sessions in our initial conversation, but we can always adapt to how you learn best as we go on.
  • How do group lessons work?
    Group lessons begin at set times -- usually once every 45 days. I have one group lesson available during the morning and another during the afternoon, so there should be a slot that will fit your schedule. They are also less expensive than individual tutoring, costing $950 for 10 hours of group lessons. I have had many students consider group lessons more valuable than individual tutoring. If you are confused, you can always ask a question, of course. But what if you aren't aware that you are missing something? That's when group lessons are best -- other students will ask questions that allow you to better understand a subject. Learning is collaborative and collective. We move at a pace that works for everyone. Lessons are capped at only a few students, so you will never feel lost or left behind. Ask me when the next group lesson is beginning! You can reach me at 647-574-9315 or
  • Where will we meet?
    I'm flexible. I'm comfortable meeting at my home, a public library near me, or even a coffee shop. I have also tailored my lessons to online meetings, so if you're more comfortable meeting virtually, you can be sure that the quality of your tutoring doesn't suffer. I use whiteboard software to ensure that we're always on the same page, and you are allowed to record lessons so you always have something to which you can refer after lessons.
  • What do I need for lessons?
    I provide all the materials necessary for studying and homework between lessons; just bring a pen and paper!
  • What experience do you have?
    I scored 170 on the LSAT on my first and only attempt. I've been tutoring LSAT students as a full-time job for over two years. I have had 100s of students, many of whom are currently in law schools across the country. Beyond that, I also have 5+ years of teaching experience, including at the elementary, high school, and university level. I've also tutored adults, university students, and elementary students, as well as taught English as a Second Language at Hanvit Academy in Daegu, Korea.
  • What is your process?
    I start with a diagnostic meeting and have you solve some problems in all three sections out loud. This gives me great insight into your process and direction, and it allows us to identify ways to cut unnecessary steps, add in stricter rules, and find more direct ways to find solutions. I'll also introduce my method, and we'll work together to see what elements can be combined. After method is introduced, the remaining elements are understanding and timing. We'll make a long-term study plan together. Over the next few weeks, we'll work to build up a consistent approach that is best with your style of thinking. Your score and speed should start improving quickly. From there it's practicing, identifying and solving weakness, and following through on the study plan!
  • What if I have a question outside of the hours of a scheduled lesson?
    I'm always available to answer questions, and as long as the answer doesn't require an insane amount of explanation, I'll of course only charge you for time spent during an actual lesson. Shoot me a text! 647-574-9315.
  • Can I book lessons if I don't live in the GTA?
    Absolutely! Online lessons are easy and work smoothly.
  • Do you accept American and international students?
    Absolutely! There are multiple payment options, the most convenient of which is paypal. I have a curiculum tailored to online lessons, so rest assured that you're receiving the same quality in teaching as Canadian students. Feel free to reach out!
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